La Légion Etrangère Code of Honour


1. Legionnaire, you are a volunteer, and will serve France with honour and fidelity.

2. Every other Legionnaire is your brothers in arms, regardless of his nationality, race or religion. You will always show towards him the same solidarity as should be found between members of same family.

3. You will respect the traditions and be devoted to your leaders, discipline, and comradeship are your strength; courage and loyalty are your virtues.

4. You will be proud of your status as a Legionnaire, and will always be seen properly dressed, your behaviour will always be dignitied but modest, and your barracks will always be well kept.

5. As an elite soldier, you will train with rigorously, you will take care of your weapon as you would take care of your most valuable possession, and you will always be concerned by your physical condition.

6. Your mission is sacred; you will carry it out until the end, abiding the laws, the rules of war, and the international conventions, and if neccessary, you will risk you life to complete your mission.

7. In battle, you will fight without passion or hatred, you will respect your vanquished enemies, you will never leave behind your dead, your wounded, or your weapons.

Legio Patria Nostra


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